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Biltong is a traditional dried meat snack and delicacy enjoyed and loved by Namibians and South Africans alike.  Biltong originated in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  Biltong can be made from Beef or Game meat, sliced along the grain of the meat.  This meat is Spiced, Salted, Cured and then Dried.  Salt is a natural preservative.  

Biltong vs Jerky

Biltong originated in Southern Africa under the Dutch-Afrikaans people in order to preserve meat supplies and prevent spoiling.  Jerky originated in South America under the Quechua people for exactly the same reasons.  Biltong is only cured and dried, but not treated with heat.  The spices used in the process provide for a wide variety of flavours.  Coriander is a typical example of a spice used in Biltong.  Jerky is treated with heat, after which it is dried.  The texture of Jerky is therefore more chewy.  Biltong is usually sliced thicker than Jerky.  Jerky is often smoked, while Biltong is never smoked.  Biltong is preferred with a layer of fat, while Jerky is trimmed of all fat.  

​Closwa Biltong won the prestige Best Beef Biltong award at the Biltong Festival in WindhoekOur Premium Biltong and Droëwors are offered in an assortment of packaging and the flavours are without equal.​

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