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Research in Biltong

Technology and Innovation

Biltong is a traditional snack and delicacy. It is our honour to make this traditional delicacy our industry. We pride ourselves in a scientific approach towards innovation and technological advances in the biltong industry. Since we use natural resources and energy to run our business, we make it our priority to focus on innovations in the fields of energy efficiency, quality enhancement and environmental sustainability. 



By implementing the Latest Technologies in manufacturing processes through continuous Research and Development, we strive to ensure:


  • Consistency in the quality of our products

  • Optimisation of food safety throughout the value-chain

  • Product development to minimise the use of allergens and preservatives

  • Minimisation of our environmental footprint

  • Production line performance enhancement

  • Advanced manufacturing processes to minimise waste and maximize efficiencies of energy and natural resource utilisation

  • Transfer and building of skills

Renewable Energy

140kWp Solar Plant in Namibia

After installing a Solar Plant, we reduced our carbon footprint on electricity consumption by 78%

Excess energy is fed back into the grid, thus contributing clean energy to the electricity grid.

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