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Step 3:  We will phone you on the number provided, where you will have the option to customize your order.

Step 4:  Payment done with delivery; cash or card. 

* We will take your delivery address over the phone. 

Note: Deliveries ONLY in Okahandja (Free) and Windhoek (N$50)

1. Game Option

N$ 570 for 8kg

2kg Mince 

2kg Stew

2kg Braaiwors

1x Whole Chicken

1kg Gemsbok Loin steak

2. Beef Option

N$ 700 for 8kg

2kg Beef Mince 

2kg Beef Stew

2kg Boerewors

1x Whole Chicken

1kg Beef Rump / Sirloin Steak

3. Braai Option

N$ 1300 for 13kg

2kg Beef Mince 

2kg Beef Braaiwors

1kg Kaaswors

1kg Beef T-Bone

2kg Beef Rump / Sirloin

1kg Beef Sosaties

1x Whole Chicken

1x Lamb Rib

2kg Lamb Loin and Leg Chops

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