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Longest Biltong  Ever

The Windhoek Biltong Festival and the record breaking biltong.

Longest Biltong Ever

Quick Stats

   Length: 48m     - Closwa Biltong

   Mass:    85kg


Previous Records

   Beef      46.45m - Closwa Biltong

   Game   23.6m   - Closwa Biltong

Making of the Longest Biltong


This record breaking 48m continious piece of Biltong was made from an ox weighing 480kg, cut from fillet to fillet in one peice. The wet weight of the Biltong was 180kg and after it was dried and ready for consumption it weighed 85kg.​

​To make the record breaking Biltong was no easy task.  First the ribs and shoulder-blades were removed, then started the painstaking task to cut the 48 meter continuous piece of meat from fillet to fillet.  All the time, taking care not to break or separate it.  After all, to break the record, it has to be in one piece.


Every year Since 1992, a Biltong Festival is organised and held in Windhoek. Started as a Church Fete, The Dutch Reformed church who hosted the event, never anticipated this to become such a big and well-attended event.  Biltong is showcased by various biltong makers and manufacturers and the festival is a day of meeting with friends, tasting biltong and buying all kinds of produce, meat, sausages, etc.

One of the main events is the largest biltong and we are proud to state that Closwa Biltong has made the longest biltong for two consecutive years and is currently the Namibian record holder with a whopping 48m continuous piece of biltong.  


Thank you to all our staff, friends and relatives who participated and helped bringing the record home. 

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